The Downtown Norfolk Virtual Scavenger Hunt Interactive Map

Welcome! Please visit our AIA Hampton Roads event page to download a glossary and entry form.

Your challenge is to find these 18 details on 18 buildings in Downtown Norfolk, Va. Each building is represented by a dot on the map. Click on the dot and a photo of a building will open. Click again and the photo will close.

Using your astute powers of observation, you may be able to match the detail to the building photo. Or, you may have to use a map program such as Google Maps and virtually walk around the building to find the detail. Identify the name of the detail using the Virtual Scavenger Hunt Glossary and enter that onto your Official Entry Form. Next identify and record the building where the detail occurs. Your answer may be either the building name, address or description of the location. For example: “The Royster Building,” or “201 Granby Street,” or “the corner of Granby St. and City Hall Ave” would all be acceptable answers. (Hint: none of the details are found on the Royster Building.)